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Intentional Human Inspired Visuals

Aaron Free is a director, cinematographer, photographer and editor currently residing in Houston, Texas. Aaron has been passionate about film, music, photography and digital art from the time he was a child. As a preacher’s son in rural Louisiana he was exposed to music at an early age and embraced that as his main artistic expression until he discovered film in his early teenage years. He went on to go to college for medicine, he worked in politics, and toured as a singer/songwriter by his early 20’s. During this time he always embraced his obsession with storytelling and film.

In his filmmaking career Aaron has produced hundreds of commercial and editorial videos for some of the most respected brands in the country. In recent years he has shifted his career focus to photo-journalism and documentary storytelling. Stories bringing awareness to humanitarian rights issues and conservation are his primary motivation. He diligently applies his passion for storytelling as an avenue for ensuring that others voices are heard- not his.

Aaron strives to disrupt existing media landscapes which are outdated, misleading, or simply do not allow people significant agency in telling their own stories. He utilizes his unique and specific skills, talents, and perspective to create engaging art and content that is innovative and evolves along with our ever-changing global landscape. Bringing immense creative passion together with serious intentions to uplift, engage, and connect with local and global communities puts him in a dynamic and exciting position to create content that has the power and beauty to affect people in extremely meaningful ways.

His clients choose to work with him because of his professionalism, tireless work ethic, technical perfection, compassion, and his unique vision.